Songs and demos to Download
To listen just click on the song you want to hear. "Marlomusic" is my newest project with 4 demos to hear. All other music (complete tunes) you may just listen to or download by right clicking the mouse button and choosing "save link as". Marlomusic 
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Marlomusic - demos 
feat. Robin Draganic (bass), Heinrich Köbberling (drums)

1. Hand Jive
2. Midsummer Nights Dream
3. If I Were A Bell
4. Mr Clean

Marque Lowenthal Quartet
feat. Chris Hirson (soprano sax), Thomas Fichter (bass), Mark Bachschmidt (drums)

1. Afionas
2. Hog Love
3. The Brix

No More Rap (Solo Piano)

1. All Blues
2. Summertime
3. No More Rap
4. I've Got the World on a String
5. Streets of Laredo

The Grow Beasts
feat. Geoff Goodman (guitar), Thierry Eckert (bass), Mark Bachschmidt (drums),

1. Foreign Seeds

Apartment Groove
feat. Chris Hirson (sax), Lukas Heidepriem (trombone), Geoff Goodman (guitar), Michael Höffler (bass), Rolf Kirchling (drums)

1. Rabbit's Foot
2. General Sherman 
3. What's It Called
4. Watt
1983 The Brix - Marque Lowenthal Quartett (self-produced)
1985 Apartment Groove - Apartment Groove (s-p)
1989 20 Jahre Embryo - Embryo
1990 Paramashivam - Roland Schaeffer und Paramashivam (s-p)
1998 Fuasimodo Rings A Bell - Fuasi and Ensemble (Lifelight)
1999 Thomas Loup - Thomas Loup (s-p)
1999 No More Rap - Solo Piano (s-p)
2000 Live in Cafe Central, Madrid - Fuasi and Ensemble (Lifelight)
2002 Out of This Mood - Lyambiko (Nagel-Heyer)
2003 East to West - Dirk Engelhardt (s-p)
2003 Shades of Delight - Lyambiko (Nagel-Heyer)
2005 Lyambiko - Lyambiko (Sony Classical)
2006 Love and Then - Lyambiko (Sony Classical)
2007 Inner Sense - Lyambiko (Sony Classical)
2008 Saffronia - Lyambiko (Sony Classical)
2010 Marlomusic - Marlomusic (s-p)
2010 Something Like Reality - Lyambiko (Sony Classical)