Marlomusic Band

What is Marlomusic? That‘s me and my music over the past years. On top of that it‘s my newiest band with Robin Draganic on the bass und Heinrich Köbberling at the drums.

Marque Lowenthal - Piano
Growing up in the at-that-time rural suburbs of Boston  (Sharon, Massachusetts) was a great deal of fun during my childhood . Before I was old enough to appreciate the opposite sex, my friends and I would go ramble through the woods overturning large stones and logs in search of salamanders and snakes, or bike over to Mann’s Pond in hopes of seeing turtles or catching some trout or bass. There was also an Audubon Society where we learned how to catch butterflies and then suffocate them in a jar in order to have a nice wall decoration.
There was always a baby grand in the house because my mother loved to play occasionally --- she was a very good classical pianist who had to give up her aspirations of concert playing because of W.W.II and other circumstances. She was my first teacher. From the age of 8 I learned classical piano with various teachers for 11 years. Then I got the jazz bug and have been trying to understand and perform this art form for 35 years now.
I’ve been lucky enough to play with some great musicians, mainly unknown (but also with a few known such as Tony Scott, Bireli Lagrene, Ira Sullivan, Ernie Watts, Embryo). I still love playing with my best friends Geoff Goodman ( a phenomenal composer as well as guitar,banjo and mandolin player), Chris Hirson ( a fantastic soprano saxist) or Ramani Krishna ( the grooviest 7 string electric bassist I know). I’ve played with the 4th best drummer in the world (according to him) and I’ve played with many accomplished and enthusiastic musicians in Freiburg and Berlin, Germany, as well as in Mulhouse, Colmar and Strasbourg, France.
For the past 8 years I’ve been playing and working primarily with Lyambiko, who has developed into one of Germany’s premier jazz singers. And it is together with my good friends in the Lyambiko rhythm section (Robin Draganic, double bass and Heinrich Köbberling, drums) that I wanted to record my first piano trio CD, under the name of Marlomusic.

Heinrich Köbberling - Drums
Heinrich Koebberling plays drums and owns a piano. He tries to survive as muscian, for already 22 years (which didn't help).
He is teaching at the Hochschule für Musik "FMB" in Leipzig and works mainly whith the following bands: "Julia Hülsmann Trio" / "Ernie Watts Quartet Europe" / "Lyambiko" / "Aki Takase and the Good Boys". Also he is writing songs for 8 doogymoto (on break for already 3 years) and his own band, which hopefully will record some time this year.
His album "Pisces" has been released in 1997 and features Ben Monder, Matt Renzi and Marc Johnson. He is a member of 8doogymoto, which whom he released two albums (2000 and 2003) for the great label "soundslike accidential records". As a sideman he appeared on more than 45 recordings with great musicians like: Ernie Watts, Jan Delay, Julia Hülsmann + Rebekka Bakken, Aki Takase, Lyambiko, Günther Adler and many more. At the moment Heinrich Koebberling lives with his family in Berlin/Germany...

Robin Draganic - Bass
Robin Draganic, after 20 years of music-making in Berlin, has played about a million notes, each carefully chosen, even if wrong.
He arrived in town on the propitious date 8/8/88 (the number 8 itself resembling a double bass) just in time to precipitate the crumbling of the wall with his lacking sense of his own, or any other, boundaries.
He quickly warmed to that cold grey sprawling odourless windless melodyless ahistorical city. Robin busked in bars, cooked in Kneipen, and educated young people (as he had done for the previous 2 years in Xiangtan, China) in English. He studied with various teachers ever more various ways of playing the bass.
He played far out with Sir Alexis Pope and far in with Giorgio Crobu. He garnered old information from Rudy Stevenson. He barbecued with Vincent Herring. Revved up his repertoire with Larry Porter. Kurt Rosenwinkel became a regular at his jam sessions. Robin Draganic has played swing, bebop, Dixieland, Salsa, bossa, tango, blues, and klezmer. Sometimes all in one day. Marlomusic 
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